Our Services

  • Secure application design
  • Access control and access management
  • Auditing
  • Enterprise management
  • Single sign-on
  • eCommerce
  • Business intelligence
  • Identity management
  • Intrusion detection and prevention

Our Approach

  • Strategic planning and architecture assessment
  • Vertical systems integration
  • Requirements and use cases
  • Solution design
  • Project management, PMP
  • On-site maintenance
  • Modeling (object oriented, UML)
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)

The Technologies

  • Computer Associates eTrust
  • Computer Associates Identity Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM)
  • Liferay Portal
  • IBM Websphere Portal
  • Java/J2EE
  • Oracle
  • Windows, Linux, UNIX

The Benefits

  • A more secure organization
  • Centralized control
  • Reduced cost
  • Time savings
  • Improved quality and efficiency



Cyber Security

The need for security in web integration is ever greater, whether your primary business is Government or Commercial. When people say the “the Internet is open,” what is the impact of such a statement ?   Although basic computer systems such as PCs arrive with some security protections, the applications developed for them often do not. It is mandatory to protect the applications too; not just “the box”. The applications behind the web site must be as secure as the web site itself, because this is the final frontier. Most security breaches occur when the applications are penetrated, not the hardware. If you develop or integrate software for your business, enterprise, or customer, you must adhere to secure design methodologies and secure implementation practices in advance, since built-in security flaws could later cost you the full value of your investment. We develop impenetrable Internet software that can withstand an attack. Remember, security auditors will look inside the software you have developed and purchased – including your web pages and “code”. Internet applications are particularly susceptible to masquerade and denial of service attacks. We implement scalable enterprise security, identity management, and access control strategies that encompass all of your systems and applications.


Agile Transition

Transitioning from waterfall methodologies to Agile isn’t easy and can be downright painful. Managers are briefed about the “self-driven team”. Traditional contractual relationships are impacted. One thing can certainly be said about Agile: it is leaner and meaner, especially from a financial standpoint. Agile projects are projects where people are much more highly utilized and there is very little fat in accompaniment, or leisure time for that matter.


Open Source

The software industry is undergoing a sea change, and the debate is rancorous. Should one stand by customary products at greater and greater cost, or turn to the Linux and Open Source unknown, which at least appears to be less costly ?  There are pitfalls involved when pursuing an open-source strategy, such as multiple software versions, and a lack of traditional software support. From a cost perspective, many well-known infrastructure capabilities are now both mainstream and freely available in the Open Source world. In many cases features that once cost tens of thousands now cost thousands; features costing thousands now cost hundreds. But there are apparent risks and instabilities. What should one do ?   The cost of hanging on to the expensive alternative is growing and growing !  Tomorrow Systems strategic consulting can help. Depending upon your needs, some can be fulfilled outright, immediately; others can be addressed with minor effort. Entire infrastructures are now running successfully on Linux, and Linux is even making some inroads on the desktop.